2014 Exhibitors



The Baffler/Patrick JB Flynn – Print journal of social observation, cultural analysis, and political satire. Patrick JB Flynn is the art director of The Baffler, soul proprietor of The Flynstitute, and occasional dabbler in art. – Cambridge, MA/Madison, WI

Between the Lines – Founded in 1977, Between the Lines challenges readers to rethink the world around us. Our authors offer analysis of historical events and contemporary issues not found in the mainstream. We specialize in informative, non-fiction books on politics and public policy, social issues, Canadian and world history, international development, gender and sexuality, critical race issues, culture, adult and popular education, labour and work, environment, technology, and media. – Toronto, Ontario

Bitter Like the Bean – Unabashedly trying to hang onto and create DIY punk culture through zine writing: personal, loose narratives in the usual photocopied format. Distributing lots of zines, as well. – Madison, WI

Claire Warhus / Mad Girl Posse – Various printed materials from a variety of feminist minds. – Madison, WI

Dan S. Wang – Writer and artist known for his research, theorizing, and print media art work about the politics of the global Midwest. The print media works circulate in activist circles, social movement contexts, and internationally through the world of critical art. Will have books, posters, cards, and work from many collaborative projects. – Madison, WI

Duffco – Institutional front for artist, designer, and long-time observer of the American scene, Michael Duffy. Will have on hand rarely seen posters and against-the-grain visual commentary on political matters in the samisdat style. Duffco expects Governor Walker to ascend to the highest office in the land, and the work proves it. – Madison, WI

Erinfection – Zines & small bound notebooks. – Madison, WI

Fresh Hot Press – Fostering a community of printmaking artists and enthusiasts by promoting artistic interaction between faculty, students, and visiting artists at UW-Madison and Tandem Press. We share our work within the community and beyond by participating in printmaking focused conferences, portfolio exchanges, and international exhibitions. – Madison, WI

Heather Ault/4000 Years for Choice – A project celebrating the ancient and contemporary history of reproductive health, rights, and justice found around the world. Inspired artwork, unique apparel, and innovative social media campaigns circulate powerful stories as a means to end the stigma and shame surrounding abortion and contraception. – Madison, WI

Heavy Duty Press/Mike Koppa – Work from a private press, a legendary grocery zine created for a family store in 1993, and a recent global collaborative collage book, Thawt, reflects an expertise in lettering and typography, and a commitment to collaboration, documentation, and the book as an art object. Also exhibiting a selection of Wisconsin-oriented and socially conscious stickers, including the regionally famous “driftless” bumper stickers. – Viroqua, WI

Jennifer Falkowski/MAGMA (The Mail Art Guild of the Madison Area) – Here attendees have a chance to create some mail art of their own.  With a table full of art supplies for their amusement and benefit, browsers can sit down and make a postcard for sending out into the mail art world.

John Porcelino / Spit and a Half / King-Kat Comics – Finding alternate ways of engaging with the world outside the typical consumerist marketplace. – South Beloit, IL

Joshua Stuewer – Political collage. – Madison, WI

Just Seeds Artists’ Cooperative – Decentralized cooperative of 25-plus artists living in cities across North America, all of whom work in print media and are engaged in activist campaigns. Will be exhibiting recent prints, books, and other publications. – Milwaukee, WI

KC Councilor – Madison, WI

KidzEra / Maggie Snyder – Photographer, swordfighter, and zine-maker publishes a full-color photo zine called Notes from the Plastic Horizon and lots of other one-off and collaborative zines. Also publishes a zine made entirely of children’s art and writing called KidzEra. – Madison, WI


Lady Drawers – Informally affiliated group of women, men, transgender, and non-binary gender folk who research, perform, and publish comics and texts about how economics, race, sexuality, and gender impact the comics industry, other media, and our culture at large. Their data comes from original research conducted in the public realm by students, interns, volunteers, and supporters around the globe. Our content comic books, strips, posters, postcards, games, and apparel are created by a range of folks with a range of experiences in the comics industry, including long-time, established professionals and recent enthusiasts. – Chicago, IL

Laura Zimmerman – Digital books and DIY bookbinding help to make information and art more affordable and accessible. Make your own journals and notebooks, read classic literature for free, put works back in print. Hands on at Print & Resist: making recycled notebooks!

Lester Dore – Woodcut printmaker in the old school tradition and longtime activist in peace and justice movements, inside and outside the USA. – Madison, WI

Lewis Koch – Conceptual photo books, assemblage + text, social documentarian picture making, subtly poetic wails, absurdist images, and stickers of enlightenment, all calling attention to the unremarked-upon elements of everyday life. The work has been shown in garages, on kiosks and billboards, as well as in museums and galleries in New York, London, Brussels, Seoul, Toronto, Chicago, LA, Minneapolis, Casper WY, and elsewhere, and is in permanent collections internationally. When Things Dream, the third installation of Koch’s Garage Trilogy can be viewed as a virtual tour at www.afsnitp.dk/galleri/garageography/. – Madison, WI


LGBT Books to Prisoners – Madison, WI

Little Brown Bat Collective/Shannon Connor – Radical distro including books, zines, patches, and t-shirts. Shannon Connor offers Basements and Living Rooms: A Zine about DIY Music and House Shows, chapbooks, print portfolios, patches…and more zines. – Milwaukee, WI

Madison Infoshop – Radical resource center, zine distributor, and hub for past, present, and future affinities and radical networking. – Madison, WI

Michael Brooks Arnsteen – Colorado Native Artist and UW-Madison printmaking graduate student. Work references organic properties inherent to natural occurrences, such as mountain building, deterioration, lahars, wildfires, hurricanes, dust storms, and the crystallization of minerals. Showing large stone lithography print works. – Madison, WI

Nikki Johnson

No Dane County Jail Working Group – Dane County residents who believe in abolishing the prison industrial complex, beginning with the proposal for a new $150 million jail. Creating and distributing a zine that includes text and graphical descriptions of the proposal and presents objections to it from a prison abolitionist perspective (ie philosophical arguments and concrete alternatives to incarceration). The group meets every other Tuesday at 8:00pm at the Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative to discuss philosophies, strategies, and upcoming actions. Email us at nodanecountyjail@gmail.com. – Madison, WI

Oliver Bendorf – Madison, WI

Patchwork Printshop – Storefront for Lesley Numbers’ hand-drawn and screen printed posters, cards, and more, made with love. – Madison & Milwaukee, WI

Polka! Press – Collective of 8-12 artists and designers who produce a diverse mixture of original printed artworks. Polka! Press promotes a vibrant local printmaking culture by offering access to printmaking facilities, and providing educational opportunities. – Madison, WI

PM Press – Independent publisher of radical & stimulating fiction & nonfiction books, pamphlets, T-shirts, visual & audio. – Oakland, CA


Rainbow Bookstore Co-op – Madison’s independent, cooperatively owned, and collectively managed bookstore providing books and social space that challenge the status quo. – Madison, WI

RedLine Milwaukee – Artist residency, exhibition, & education, focusing on social justice and youth involvement. – Milwaukee, WI

Ricardo Levins Morales Art Studio – Trickster activist and artist who produces “medicinal art,” much of which is integrated into organizing campaigns and educational initiatives. RLM sells posters, notecards and pre-produced as well as custom buttons. A founding member of Northland Poster Collective, which closed in 2009 after 30 years, Levins Morales has participated in the trenches of the labor movement and offers his clayboard art as a tool in various social and environmental justice efforts. – Minneapolis, MN

Sarah Nelson & Maggie Liesch – Through various forms of printmaking including intaglio and transfer processes, Maggie’s work focuses on issues such as the bombardment of technology and media. Sarah’s work looks at anxiety and ways of coping through her self-published zines. One issue is based off 58 anonymous responses about the effects of anxiety. The artists work together to raise awareness about causes of stress in today’s society while simultaneously circling their perspectives on life versus death. – Milwaukee, WI

Saucebox Book Arts -Feminist micropress founded by poet Robin F. Brox in 2001. Saucebox’s publications focus on handmade objects, often incorporating collage, beading, hand stamping, and other visual art techniques. – Buffalo, NY

Silver Buckle Press – Preserving the craft of fine letterpress printing. – Madison, WI

Simpson Street Free Press – Dane County’s teen newspaper is produced out of a high-quality after-school academic program. SSFP youth publish five separate student newspapers under the guidance of former SSFP staffer who are currently in or graduated from college. The SSFP newsroom is recognized as an innovative leadership pipeline for young people of color. – Madison, WI

Street Pulse – Madison’s homeless cooperative newspaper, spreading news and economic resourcefulness for those without homes. – Madison, WI

Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness – Publishers of anarchist culture; comics, fiction, theory.

Taylor Marx – Making coloring books, pulling together old coloring books, images that we find, and drawings that we create. We mash them together to subvert the dominant coloring book hegemony and we bind them ourselves. The books we make are for everyone, and anyone can learn a lot from them. Will have space for folks to color since that’s the best way to experience them. – Madison, WI

Tracy Honn – Artist Tracy Honn is a printing history educator who runs the UW-Madison Libraries’ Silver Buckle Press, a working museum of letterpress printing, and serves on the administrative board of the Wisconsin Center for the Book, and the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum’s Artistic Advisory Board. Tracy will bring a sign press along with wood type for a public printing event, with printing assistance from Julie Copenhagen, Art Department graduate student. – Madison, WI

Wisconsin Books to Prisoners – Volunteer project to supply incarcerated persons with quality reading material of their choice. – Madison, WI


Xexoxial – Publisher of experimental literature, concrete poetry, retro-hypertext, visual language mashups, and  avant garde mind-writing/ear-bending permaculture. – West Lima, WI


The deadline for exhibitor applications for 2014 Print & Resist has passed.  Below is the original call-out, for your reference:

Madison Print & Resist 2014 is a day-long festival of zines, political print media, artisanal books, grassroots journals, and experimental publications. The event will be held on Saturday, November 1st at the Central Branch of the Madison Public Library downtown, from 11AM to 5PM.

We’re looking for subversively creative print media artists including zinesters, printmakers, poster makers, concrete poets, letterpressers, and activist designers to apply for one of a limited number of tables that are available. There is neither a table fee nor an application fee. We will ask for a tiny 5% commission on any sales you may conduct at the event, and all the proceeds go toward future event costs.

Please send us a description of your books, your zines, your prints, your stickers, or what have you. What are they about? How are they made? Do you have a philosophy or purpose? Are you handling other people’s work? Some pics would be nice, too, but are not required.

This year we’ve moved the venue to the recently renovated downtown branch of the Madison Public Library (201 W Mifflin St., Madison, WI 53703) and have the beautiful light-filled third floor at our disposal. The space includes a gallery space, which is a long hallway with walls on both sides. The gallery has no windows but there is ample natural light from above. Printers, designers, and postermakers please note that there are spaces well-suited for combination wall & table displays. If you would like such a space please indicate this as a preference when you apply.

There is also space for workshops, so if you’d like to propose a workshop, demonstration, skill-sharing, or presentation, please send a description of what you propose.

Tables are shareable, so pair up with a friend if you don’t have enough stuff to fill a 2.5×6 table by yourself. If you have an idea for a demonstration or skills-based workshop, please let us know, we have tables for that as well. If you would be coming from out of town, we have no travel funds available but can help with finding free lodging for you.

While the organizers will make every effort to satisfy each participant’s particular needs, they reserve the right to make all final decisions about table and display arrangements in consultation with Library staff.

Deadline for application is October 1st.

Applications or questions may be submitted by email to:


We will get back to you no later than October 8th, 2014.


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