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Join us Saturday, April 28 11am-4:30pm at Madison Public Library for Print & Resist, Madison’s annual zinefest!

The event will feature both local and regional artists, makers, and printmakers. See the post below for a complete list of participants.


We’re putting the “print” in Print & Resist! A limited run of the event poster by Liz Kozik will be available the day of the event!


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2018 Vendor Lineup

The Print & Resist team is excited to announce the artists and groups participating in this year’s Zinefest!


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2018 Poster

Resist all colors tan 1

Check out the 2018 poster by Liz Anna Kozik! Screen prints of the poster design will be available for sale at the event!

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Print & Resist 2018!

IMG_0503This year Madison Print & Resist will be on April 28th from 11 am – 4:30 pm, once again, on the lovely third floor of the (downtown) Madison Public Library. Expect to receive an application form around the 23rd of February in your inbox. The deadline for the application will be March 16th, and we will respond to you by April 1st.

Meanwhile, let us know if you have any interest in doing a particular workshop, demo, presentation, performance, installation, or interactive project related to the world of art, do-it-yourself culture, political action and resistance.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in a couple months!

the MP&R crew (

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Save the Date: March 25, 2017!



Madison Print & Resist 2017 is a day-long festival of political print media, zines, experimental publications, and workshops related to the world of art, do-it-yourself culture, and political action. We’re looking for subversively creative print/media artists including zine makers, printers, poster-makers, and other self-published artists and writers to share their work with the Madison area community.

The event will be held on Saturday, March 25th from 11am to 4:30 pm on the light-filled third floor of the Madison Public Library in downtown Madison, WI.

This year we will have the following table options:


  • Full tables will be available for collectives/distributors representing more than 10 people or publications.
  • Half a table will be available to individuals displaying more than 6 (different) zines/posters.
  • For people with smaller numbers of zines and/or posters, please apply for space at the community tables. The space at the community tables will be allocated by the number of publications that you have to display.
  • Two tables for collectives representing more than 20 people.


Tables are 5′-6′ long by 3′ deep.  Also, please note that nearly all tables will have wall space directly behind them for displaying posters (only with blue or green painters tape). A limited number or spaces will be available if you require pins/nails to secure your work. Please remember to check the appropriate boxes on the application to indicate your needs.

Please let us know if you are able/planning  to bring your own table or other display furniture.

There is neither a table fee nor an application fee. However, we will ask for 5% commission on any sales you may conduct at the event, with all proceeds going toward future event costs.

While the organizers will make every effort to satisfy each participant’s particular needs, they reserve rights to make all final decisions about table and display arrangements, in consultation with Library staff.




  • All applicants agree to be included in promotions and publicity for the event. We will be highlighting select exhibitors via the facebook page and website ahead of the event.
  • Please complete the following application form in full (scan down):

  • Email 1-3 images of your zines/prints/projects to Include your name and the title of the project in the subject line, so that we can connect them to your application.
  • Deadline for application is February 15th.
  • We will notify applicants of status by March 1st.


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2015 Photos Are Up!

Thanks to all for making 2015 Print + Resist such an amazing event. Check out event photos here!


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by | November 17, 2015 · 7:19 am

2015 Workshop Schedule!

Feast on the menu of workshops and talks at this year’s Print and Resist!

11:30 am – 12 pm: UW Comics Club, “Imaginary Friends: Making Collaborative Comics” with Captain Santa

You can make a character out of anything, just ask Pixar. In “Imaginary Friends,” we’ll do some fun drawing games you can use anywhere, whether your characters are high-def or a circle with a smiley face.

1 – 1:30 pm: Nicolas Lampert, Climate Prints Project

Milwaukee-based interdisciplinary artist Nicolas Lampert will be talking about Climate Prints, a website/activist infrastructure project that shares downloadable graphics on Climate Justice and puts this work directly into movements.

1:45 – 2:45 pm: John Porcellino, “A Personal History of the Early Zine Days”

Comics artist John Porcellino, creator of King-Cat Comics (running since 1989!) and author of The Hospital Suite (Drawn & Quarterly, 2014) will be showing some of his early work and talking about discovering zines and self-publishing—how he got into zine-making in the first place.

3 – 3:30 pm: Joe Brusky, Lane Hall, and Lisa Moline, Overpass Light Brigade

The Overpass Light Brigade was forged in the activist climate of the Wisconsin Uprising, a loose and inclusive affiliation of people dedicated to the power of peaceful protest and artful activism. Their messages shine at night over highways and other public spaces. In this talk, they will be discussing OLB’s actions and methods, showing images and videos, and taking questions from the audience.

4 – 4:30:  UW Comics Club, “Great Works of Literature with Cartoons” with Captain Santa

In this workshop, we will start by recalling books, stories, and cartoon characters we remember from youth. Then, by picking from the lists at random, we will create illustrations depicting a scene from a book or story with a cartoon character!

Plus all-day book-making and zine-making workshops!

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Official 2015 Poster!

Print and Resist Poster

Hot off the press, the official 2015 Print & Resist poster, featuring stunning art by Claire Warhus of Snaggle Tooth Arts in Madison, WI!

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2015 Confirmed Exhibitors!


Exhibitors for 2015 Print & Resist!

Alex WilliamsMadison, WI

Printmaker, cartoonist, and illustrator who makes screen prints, woodcuts and prints small editions of comics. His ultimate goal with is to create a self-sustaining artistic practice, which in and of itself is subversive to the existing systems.

artwrite 2

The ArtWrite CollectiveMadison, WI

The ArtWrite Collective uses art as a tool for equity and for justice, cultivating a resilient community through creative youth development, activist artist development, and public aesthetic diversification.

The Baffler/Patrick JB FlynnCambridge, MA/Madison, WI

Print journal of social observation, cultural analysis, and political satire. Patrick JB Flynn is the art director of The Baffler, soul proprietor of The Flynstitute, and occasional dabbler in art.

Brad GottschalkMadison, WI

Fiction in comics form that covers a range of styles from surrealism and adult fairy tales to slice of life realism.

Burn Something Zine, Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN

Burn Something is a submission-based alternative media space for women of color and queer women of color in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN. It’s currently a one-woman operation run by Adrienne Doyle, who is also working on forming a writing circle and other community building spaces around the zine. The full vision of the zine includes a collective of women of color to run the zine and plan events, and a community that uses the physical and non-physical spaces of the zine for connecting, healing, seeing and hearing each other.

Catie RutledgeMadison, WI

Artist whose work focuses on feminist ideas and personal trauma. She makes performances, zines, poems and paintings.

CHOPSHOP / Derrick BuischMadison, WI 

CHOPSHOP4_Rabbits_Install_MARIAsDerrick Buisch is a Professor of Art at UW-Madison. Over the past several years he has instigated a number of mail-art events/exhibits including the drawing/image zine CHOPSHOP. The fourth and most recent installment features rabbit drawings from 80+ artists.

Chris RichardsonMadison, WI

Hand drawn and hand lettered comics on themes of DIY, recycling, and trial/error. Diddley Bow Blues is about a teenage kid who makes his own instrument with mostly found materials, and A Cartoonist’s Guide to “Responsible” Drinking is a series of semi autobiographical narratives about hard learned lessons of recreational drinking.claire

Claire Warhus / Snaggle Tooth Arts, Madison, WI

Illustrations, Ouija boards, posters, and other eerie arts by
commission. Creator of zines Crucial Twat and How It Feels and Madison Print & Resist posters two years running!

Dan S. WangMadison, WI

Writer and artist known for his research, theorizing, and print media art work about the politics of the global Midwest. The print media works circulate in activist circles, social movement contexts, and internationally through the world of critical art. Will have books, posters, cards, and work from many collaborative projects.

Dave Dugan / Zen ComixIowa City, IA

Cartoonist and comic book maker—creator of fiction, autobiography, political cartoons, and lately, paper itself.

ladydrawersDelia Jean / Ladydrawers CollectiveChicago, IL

The Ladydrawers are an unofficially affiliated group that researches and publishes comics and texts about how economics, race, sexuality, and gender impact the comics industry, other media, and our culture at large. Delia Jean is an artist from the North Side of Chicago and a frequent collaborator with Ladydrawers. Among other things, she is a comics-maker, a workshop-teacher, and a portrait-sketcher.

Ditch Lily, Madison, WI

Online press/literary collective bringing interactive installations to Print & Resist, including LIT, a choose-your-own-adventure story presented in visual format through a series of handmade books. Drawing on regional history, LIT consists of sixteen different variations on the story of a circus fire in early 20th-century Wisconsin.

DuffcoMadison, WI

Institutional front for artist, designer, and long-time observer of the American scene, Michael Duffy.

em mccartyMadison, WImoses

Artist, zinester, and creator of graphic novel moses jones: apocalyptic mama. moses jones is a mother of four in a dystopian future where survival requires a katana and a sense of humor.

Gabby Diekhoff, Madison, WI

Maker of Clitorally, an unapologetically feminist zine that features narratives, rants, poems, advice, recipes, lyrics, photography, illustrations, collage, etc. to express our frustrations with the patriarchy through artistic means.

Jesse Hedman, St. Paul, MN

Comic artist and bookmaker who says most of his books are very sarcastic and crude, but his newest flagship series No Matter Where, I’ll Follow is about a modern American revolution from the eyes of two refugees trying to find a place to live. It’s a very serious dialogue about the consequences of rising up without representation or consideration for the people.

John Porcelino / Spit and a Half / King-Kat ComicsSouth Beloit, IL

Finding alternate ways of engaging with the world outside the typical consumerist marketplace.

flatfileJust Seeds Artists’ CooperativeMilwaukee, WI
Decentralized cooperative of 25-plus artists living in cities across North America, all of whom work in print media and are engaged in activist campaigns. Will be exhibiting recent prints, books, and other publications.

Kimberly Dunham, Madison, WI

Upcycled paper products, masks, and more!

Lacey Smith / Luluweird DesignMadison, WI

Graphic design student with a focus on screen printing, especially hand-printing posters for bands within the punk/metal/weirdo scene. Will be debuting a screen printed zine featuring photos and interviews with awesome creative personalities in Madison.

Lester DoreMadison, WI

Woodcut printmaker in the old school tradition and longtime activist in peace and justice movements, inside and outside the USA.

Lewis Koch, Madison, WI

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAConceptual photo books, assemblage + text, social documentarian picture making, subtly poetic wails, absurdist images, and stickers of enlightenment, all calling attention to the unremarked-upon elements of everyday life. The work has been shown in garages, on kiosks and billboards, as well as in museums and galleries across the U.S. and internationally.

Madison InfoshopMadison, WI

Radical resource center, zine distributor, and hub for past, present, and future affinities and radical networking.

Matthew Stolte, Madison, WI

Creator (and collaborator) on books, chapbooks and zines of visual, concrete and avant poetry.

Maxwell Singletary, Minneapolis, MN

Underground cartoonist/illustrator. Brainwashed by processed sugar soggy Berry KIX and the golden age revival of cartoons of the 1990s (Tex Avery, Bob Clampett), his work entwines the hyperbolic and universal language of cartooning with the adulterations of modern american life.

Mike Olson / Science PaintedMadison, WI

Home-publisher of a variety of cheap prints and zines of imagery dealing with the power structure, man’s inhumanity to man, and the common plight of the 99 percent.

Mikki JayMadison, WI

Illustrator, printmaker, and comics artist, bringing prints, T-shirts and other goodies!

Molly Mitchell and Laura Zimmerman, Madison, WI

DIY bookbinding helps to make information and art more affordable and accessible. Make your own journals and notebooks, edit a classic, put an old book back in print. Hands on at Print & Resist: making recycled notebooks!

Overpass Light BrigadeMilwaukee, WI jenna-money-≠-speech-copy

The Overpass Light Brigade was forged in the activist climate of the Wisconsin Uprising. Their messages shine at night over highways and other public spaces. They are a loose and inclusive affiliation of people dedicated to the power of peaceful protest and artful activism.

Patchwork PrintshopMadison and Milwaukee, WI

Storefront for Lesley Numbers’ hand-drawn and screen printed posters, cards, and more, made with love.

Polka! PressMadison, WI

Collective of 8-12 artists and designers who produce a diverse mixture of original printed artworks. Polka! Press promotes a vibrant local printmaking culture by offering access to printmaking facilities, and providing educational opportunities.

Rainbow Bookstore Co-opMadison, WI

Madison’s independent, cooperatively owned, and collectively managed bookstore providing books and social space that challenge the status quo.

Robert Stevens, Des Moines, IA

Woodcut print artist who also makes zines about growing up gay in the eighties.

Spooky Boobs CollectiveMadison, WI

A feminist collective that uses art, language, and design to visualize the trivialization of women’s experiences. They believe in the power of design and the strength of printed material to promote social awareness and change. Pulling from the history of design and print, SBC creates controversial art installations.


Stacie Arellano
, Madison, WI

Artist, print-maker, author and creator of Tribute Waters, a nautical fantasy adventure graphic novel series. She has been drawing and publishing comics since 2003.

S.V. Medaris / Market Weight PressMt. Horeb, WI

Printer of woodcut broadsides and t-shirts on meat production.
In her other life, Medaris is a fine artist.

Temporary Services / Half Letter Press, Chicago, IL and Fort Wayne, IN

Publishing collaborative work since 1998! Half Letter Press is a publishing imprint run by Temporary Services (Brett Bloom & Marc Fischer), producing offset printed works and Risograph-printed booklets and posters. As a press, they are dedicated to supporting people and projects that have had difficulty finding financial and promotional assistance through mainstream commercial channels.

UW Comics ClubMadison, WI

The UW Comics Club includes students and alumni, whose goal is to challenge each other to create diverse comics and cartoons. All the founding members were students of Lynda Barry, and seek to apply what they have learned about drawing in diverse fields, from history to economics to biology.

Wisconsin Books to PrisonersMadison, WI

Volunteer project to supply incarcerated persons with quality reading material of their choice.

9b012c_b27849092a394d9297fab94925f42764.png_srb_p_353_414_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srbWW3 IllustratedNew York, NY

World War 3 Illustrated is a semi-annual comix and graphics magazine. Founded in 1979, by Seth Tobocman and Peter Kuper, World War 3 Illustrated was among the first American magazines to treat comics as a medium for serious social commentary and journalism.

XexoxialWest Lima, WI

Publisher of experimental literature, concrete poetry, retro-hypertext, visual language mashups, and  avant garde mind-writing/ear-bending permaculture.

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Print & Resist 2015 Call for Submissions!

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